Friday 12th Nov 2010 - Shenstone and Brakemill Pool

A drake Shoveller was again present at Captains Pool today. Also of note were 1 Great Crested Grebe, 1 Mute Swan and 25 Black-headed Gulls. A 1st winter Larus Gull (probable Herring Gull) was also present on the pool until 3pm this afternoon (TS - all records).

Unfortunately today I had too many other things going on to get around the patch. This included popping over to Halesowen this afternoon and by the time I left I only had a limited amount of light left. So on the way back I decided to check out Brakemill Pool near Hagley. The wooded area near this pool turned up 3 Firecrests in 2008 and the pool itself has turned up Goosander on occasion.

On scanning over the pool I could see that there were only 38 Black-headed Gulls, 2 Mute Swans and lots of Mallard present. Then I noticed a fairly small duck foraging on the bank on the far side, it was a ♀ Wigeon. This was a pleasant surprise as I wouldn't have expected any Wigeon at such a small pool.

From Brakemill Pool I headed the 1/4 of a mile or so down the road to the nearby Stakenbridge Pool. Much to my amazement (this place always looks dead when you view it) there were 2 ♀ Goosander. Also present was a single Grey Heron and a manky white farm yard goose. All in all not a bad half hour and a good use of limited daylight and time. I must try and get around Shenstone tomorrow though...I've got withdrawal symptoms!


  1. You had a good time in Shenstone;

  2. Had a couple of Goosander over the last two days Jase. Would love a Shoveler though :-)

  3. I havent managed to get around the patch today as I have come down with a dose of something flu like. Although my friend and fellow local birder Tony informs me that there were 2 drake Shovellers at Captains pool today.