Shenstone Butterfly Gallery now online

I have now set up a gallery containing a number of photos of butterflies seen around the patch. This can be viewed by clicking on the below link:

Alternately, click on the link in the 'additional pages' section on the right hand side of this blog.

A Shenstone Birds Gallery will be set up some point in the near future.

If any local birders/wildlife enthusiasts have any photos from the Shenstone area they wish to have included in the galleries please email me at the below address:


  1. very nice Jase. I might do something like that when time permits :-)

  2. Thanks Warren...i was stuck in doors past few days feeling crappy so I decided to do it then. There are quite a few species that I still need decent pics of but it will add a bit more interest again next summer trying to get them.

    The birds gallery will take a lot longer to get together, as I have got a lot of photos to sift through and edit.