Wednesday 10th November 2010 - Shenstone

This afternoon I did a tour of the patch with fellow local birder Tony Smith (needless to say with both of us originally coming from the Black Country there was a lot of Yams and Kaws in the conversation).

We started at Back Lane where there was a single Corn Bunting, 7 Linnets and 2 Greenfinches all perched in the same tree. A Kestrel was also seen in this area.

On the way along Stanklyn Lane we had 2 Common Buzzards soaring up high over the Gallops field. The beet field was quite productive today with 13 Skylarks, 25 Linnets and 10 Chaffinch seen. Also, whilst at this location, 30 Redwing flew over heading W.

At Heath lane we had cracking views of 20+ Fieldfares feeding in the Crab Apple and Hawthorn trees opposite the model aircraft field. I finally managed to get a half decent Fieldfare photo today as the sun was shining, the weather was still and a few of the birds were quite obliging. Also in these trees were 6 Greenfinches and 5 Yellowhammers were in the model aircraft field.

The Lapwing flock was up to 134 Lapwings today at Witch Lane but there was no sign of any Golden Plovers. Also in the same field were 14 Black-headed Gulls and 2 Common Buzzards. A ♂ Kestrel was also seen and 2 Cormorants flew over heading S.

Fieldfare - Shenstone, 10th November 2010:


  1. Cracking Fieldfare Jase. Not easy to get close to them :-) Any Waxwing likely to head your way? I'm not finding any here :-(

  2. Thanks Warren - these fieldfares were quite obliging but you are right, generally they are quite easily put up.

    No sign of any Waxwings in Worcestershire yet let alone on my patch. I would have thought you may have had one by now as you are situated much closer to the east coast than I am.