Wednesday 24th November 2010 - Waxwings!

As some of you may know I have been out of action (birding wise) the past few days due to illness. The most frustrating thing about this period of inactivity was dipping out on a flock of 14 Waxwings just off patch at Chaddersley Corbett. Well the gods of fate must have been smiling on me because this morning (at about 9:30 am), whilst i was sitting using the phone and looking out of the window, a flock of 30 Waxwings dropped in the Mountain Ash two back gardens down...result!

Quickly I grabbed my bins, scope and camera and went out in the garden to get some photos. The birds were feeding in the Rowan and then perching up in a nearby taller tree. They stayed for a about 25 minutes. I later relocated them at Perret Walk (a cul-de-sac at the end of the road which has a number of Rowans). This is the second time I have recorded Waxwings in this location. In winter 2004/2005, I discovered a flock of over 200 Waxwings here...not bad for a terraced street in the middle of Kidderminster! Anyway here are a couple of today's record shots from by garden.

Waxwings - Wood Street, Kidderminster:

Additional Note - The Waxwings were present at Perret Walk until approx 1:30pm when they where seen flying South (Andy Shaw). This could have been due to the 2 Sparrowhawks seen in the area just before or the feisty Mistle Thrush which had been having ago at them every time they went near the Rowans!


  1. Nice one Jason! No sign of my flock this morning, obviously re-located to Kidderminster! Any carrying colour rings?

  2. You lucky man Jason. Still waiting for them in Kent. Great pictures as well!

  3. Thats it! I'm not reading anymore blogs that have Waxwing sightings!!!! I'm just tooooooo Jealous :-)

    Nice one though :-)

  4. Cheers Guys.

    Couldnt see any with colour rings on craig, where any of the Halesowen birds ringed?

    Warren dont despair...I'm sure you and Phil will get some in your part of the country soon.

  5. I couldn't see any if any of the Halesowen flock were colour ringed, as they were a little too distant and didn't hang around long enough for me to have a good look through! Keep an eye out for colour rings though Jason, hundreds have been colour ringed on Orkney and also around Aberdeen by Grampian Ringing group during the last few weeks so we should get some re-sightings.