Saturday 20th November 2010 - Shenstone

It was a very dull and overcast today around the patch. I started my visit at the Butts Lane/Back Lane triangle and on arrival noted the (medium-phase) Common Buzzard perched in its usual spot behind Stone Manor. 8 Skylarks were up over the triangle and a Fieldfare was feeding on the Pyracanthas at the top end. Also whilst here I had a flock of 11 Redwing fly over heading West and a single Corn Bunting perched in one of the trees along Butts Lane.

From here I headed over to Witch Lane where a flock of 75 Lapwings dropped onto the ploughed field whilst I was there. 14 Black-headed Gulls were also present. At the bottom of Witch Lane near the former grainstores were 14 Skylarks, 12 Stock Doves and 4 Linnets. A Cormorant flew over heading North.

Heath Lane was very quiet with only a (dark-phase) Buzzard and 2 Goldfinch seen in the paddock.

Stanklyn Lane paddocks were again virtually empty, with only a Mistle Thrush and a Jay of note. Looking across the gallops field I could see a number of birds perched i the trees along the footpath that runs from opposite the junction of Stanklyn Lane and Heath Lane. I headed over to the path to get a better view and I'm so glad I did. I picked up my first Brambling of the winter perched with c.60 Chaffinches and 6 Corn Buntings. Also in the trees along this path were 2 Redwing and 8 Fieldfare. C.80 Linnets were seen flying into the beet field and 24 Meadow Pipits flew out of the small field on the left.

The Brambling was the highlight of today's visit but unfortunately it wasn't very photogenic due to poor light and its position in the tree. Ah well you can't win em all... I've included a couple of ropey record shots all the same.

Brambling - 20th November 2010:


  1. Well spotted with the Brambling Jason. I search and search my local patch for one but to no avail so far. Last one I saw was in my garden two years ago.

  2. Thanks Phil. Its early days yet as the finches are only just starting to flock there is still plenty of time to pick up one!