4th to 5th June - Moth Trapping (Captains Pool)

On the evening of Saturday 4th June 2011,  I set the Moth trap up under a Mature Oak near the edge of Captains pool.  Thank you to TS for letting me set the trap up on his waterside bit of land.  The following morning the species trapped were recorded.

The results of the trapping was as follows:
  • Small Magpie -1
  • Green Carpet - 1
  • Heart & Dart - 3
  • Mottled Beauty - 1
  • Large Yellow Underwing -1
  • Birds Wing -1
  • Brown Rustic -1
  • Marbled Minor agg. - 2
  • Ingrailed Clay - 1
  • Bee Moth - 2
  • Middle-barred Minor -1
  • Mottled Rustic -1
  • Dusky Brocade -1
I would also like to say thanks to fellow wildlife blogger Dean (http://deansdailydiary.blogspot.com/) who helped identify some of the species that I was unsure of. 

Anyway here are a few photos of some of the moths.  Note to self - next time get some leaves, twigs etc to hand to photograph the moths on to give a more natural feel.  Ah well..I'm still learning!

Small Magpie:

Green Carpet:

Heart & Dart:

Mottled Beauty:

Birds Wing:

Bee Moth:

Ingrailed Clay:

Brown Rustic:


  1. Lovely, clear photos of them Jason. I remember photographing a Small Magpie on my dining room window so recognised that one, a very attractive little moth I think. Identifying moths is not easy!

  2. Thankyou Shy. No it is quite trickt to id some of the little 'Brown Jobs'. Thankfully Dean helped me id a few via email from his sick bed...what a star.