Wed 1st June 2011 - Shenstone

Today, I decided to return to the patch.  With things being quiet on the bird front, that is unless you count the large numbers of juvenile Starlings that are around, I decided to visit early afternoon and concentrate on the insects around Butts Lane/Barrs Lane.

I walked the circuit taking the footpath from Barrs Lane across the field to the vicarage and then back along the Butts Lane set-a-side.  The footpath along the field was fairly unproductive but 4 Skylarks were flushed.  A Common Whitethroat was singing opposite the vicarage and another was seen opposite Eastfields Farm with a mouthful of insects, which is a good indicator that there is young being fed.

The majority of butterflies and day flying moths were in the area of the set-a-side.  There had definitely been an emergence of Large Skipper as, in this area, I recorded 12.  Cinabar Moths were also very much evident with a count of 8. I also saw 4 Brown Argus, 1 ♂ Common Blue, 1 Small Copper, 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Peacock, Small White and a few Green-viened Whites

Also of interest was a ♂ Broad-bodied Chaser dragonfly at the drainage pond and a Hoverfly (Volucella inflata).  Red Soldier Beetle, Garden Chafer and Thick-legged Flower Beetle were all present in smaller numbers.

Large Skippers:

Brown Argus (worn):

Hoverfly (Volucella inflata):

Green-Veined Whites:


  1. I particularly like the Large Skipper photos Jason. I haven't seen one yet this year.

    I enjoyed the previous post too, it's good that the Small Tortoiseshell seems to have done much better in the last two or three years.

  2. Thanks Shy.

    It is really heartening to see Small tortoiseshells doing well again after their decline...long may it continue!


  3. Plenty of flutter species to emerge yet Jase :-) Hopefully you'll get a Spot fly feeding on them :-)