I would like to apologise for the lack of posts this week...things have been a bit chaotic and the blog has fallen behind a tad.  Although things have been slow around Shenstone this week, there are still entries I need post.  I will endeavour to address this over the weekend.

There has however been no sign of the Quail since Wednesday when it was flushed by a local resident's Jack Russell terrier when it ran into the cereal field.

Whilst I am updating the blog feel free to browse my photos on my Flickr page by clicking on the following link:   


I will a permanant link to this page in the side panel of the blog 

Cheers Jase


  1. Those are excellent bird and insect photos on your flickr page.

  2. Thanks Rob...much appreciated

  3. Bloody ignorant dog owners! I suffer them here too Jase!

  4. Tell me about it Warren. I have a dog but only walk it on the lead when I'm out and about...and I wouldnt take him anywhere that there is a chance he will disturb the wildlife. Ignorant owners indeed mate and they are in the majority!