Tues 8th June 2011 (evening) - Shenstone

Today I spent a couple of hours on the patch during the evening.  Its something I tend to do this time of year in the hope of picking up a singing Quail, as they have been heard there previous years.  Needless to say I didn't on this evening.

I arrived at the patch just after 7.30 pm and decided to walk the footpath behind the vicarage first.  I was hoping for a Spotted Flycatcher..there were none but hey I'm a birding optimist (I think you have to be when you work a local patch).  All was not lost here as I had 2 juvenile Kestrels and 2 juvenile Collard Doves in this location.  The Kestrel sighting was very pleasing as last year the pair that nest in this area only fledged 1 juv.

Next stop was Witch Lane.  I spent some time hear listening intently for calling Quail from the large cereal fields and scanning the skies for raptors.  The only bird of note was a Red-legged Partridge in the sheet-covered field.

My final stop of was Heath Lane. Again no Quail calling but I was treated to cracking views of Little Owl at the paddock.  A bit later on this bird was sitting sentry in a tree not far from a known nest site.  Whilst on the Lane I also had 2 Grey Herons fly over heading South, an adult ♀ Kestrel and a Common Buzzard.  

I left the patch and headed home just before 10pm and although I didn't pick up my target species it was an enjoyable evening all the same.


  1. I need to get out in the evenings Jase, but I just get too tired!!

    One day the vicarage will turn up a spot fly for you -keep at it mate :-)

  2. A shame about the Quail Jason but it still sounded like a very enjoyable walk.

  3. Hi Jason, I was down near your patch today (3pm) and saw a flock of literally hundreds of Swifts (no martins or swallows) moving from Winterfold School direction to Chaddersly Corbett. I've never seen so many. Is this regular or unusual?

    Thanks, Zoe

  4. Hi Zoe. Good question. You can get these large flocks form of Swifts form in June especially if youngsters have fledged, large numbers of them will feed up together over the fields for a few weeks before migrating back. They are one of our earlier summer migrants to head back, usually in July/early August (although late individuals can be seen in September). In fact on Thursday (8th June)..I had a flock of 60+ Swift over Witch Lane. Hope that helps.