Sunday 10th July 2011 - Shenstone

Today, I decided to pop around the patch on the evening with the hope of seeing a mammal or two at dusk or maybe if I'm lucky picking up a patch Barn Owl.  Well the mammals were not showing (I've had Foxes, Badgers, Stoats and various Bats at dusk on other occasions).  As for a Barn Owl, well it was a bit optimistic.

The evening wasn't a complete loss though as I did manage to verify that there are in fact 2 Little Owls on territory on the patch.  One on the Northern side and one to the South.  As a pair bred at the Southern location last year its possible that they are breeding here again.  The Northern Territory bird is a recent find (found by TMH) and has been present on a number of evenings over the last few weeks.  This evening though I managed to see adult birds at both sites...encouraging indeed.

Ive attached some record shots of one of the Little Owls.  The photos are slightly dark due to the time of evening but they serve a purpose..

Little Owl


  1. Nice one Jase, I can never get close to Little Owls in the Summer, I have better luck in the winter :-)

  2. Cheers Warren. They are trickier this time of year but can still be quite showy at dusk