Wed 13th July 2011 (evening) - Shenstone

A Lesser Whitethroat was present and singing along Barrs Lane for a brief while this evening (TMH).  This is the first record of this non-patch breeding species this year.

I arrived about 15 minutes later to meet up with Terry by which time the bird had flown.  Whilst on the patch TMH pointed out a nice bit of Shepherd's Purse that is growing along Stanklyn Lane.  

We then proceeded to have a quick check around to see what was about. There was no sign of the Little Owls this evening but a highlight came when a Hobby flew over Witch Lane heading East.

Shepherd's Purse


  1. Nice you caught up with your first patch L. Whitethroat for the year Jase. They have all gone quiet here !

  2. A nice Shepherd's Purse, it looks good and happy.