Wednesday 20th July 2011 - Shenstone

I decided to do a brief evening visit to the patch today, just to mix things up a little.  

I arrived around 8pm and headed to Stanklyn Lane paddocks first.  Here there was a summer flock of 20 Mistle Thrush.   I also recorded a juvenile Green Woodpecker in the one paddock and a Yellow Wagtail flew over calling.

From Stanklyn Lane I popped to Barrs Lane next where I was greeted by the sight of 3 Common Buzzards (2 juvenile and 1 adult) all perched in the same tree. The young Buzzards were calling regularly.

My final patch stop was to check on one of the Little Owl territories.  On arriving I was overjoyed to see a rather downy looking juvenile Little Owl sat in a tree with an adult sat on another branch a few feet higher.  This is great news as it it the 2nd successive year that they have bred here. 

Little Owl (juvenile)


  1. A very productive evening wander Jase, excellent news on the Little Owls

  2. Thanks was indeed productive. It's funny how it just pays to mix up the timings of the visits now and again.

  3. Cheers is great news