Thursday 30th June 2011 - Stone and Shenstone

My blog posts seem to be like buses at the wait ages for one and the two come at once.  Please check out the previous post.  Anyway, where was I...oh yes....

On the way to the patch today I popped to Stone church to see the Spotted Flycatcher that had been found the previous day by fellow Shenstone Birder and former vicar of said parish, John Cox.

It didn't take me long before I picked up the Spotted Flycatcher perched on a twiggy branch at the top of a tree. The bird returned to this perch periodically allowing me to take a few photos & a bit of video footage.  A lovely little individual which ironically is located less than 50 metres from the northern edge of my patch.  I will have to keep checking back to see if it moves onto there at some point (fingers crossed!).   Also of note at stone Churchyard were 2 Song Thrushes and 2 Great Spotted Woodpeckers.  A Lapwing was on the ploughed field just down the road (again not on patch!)

From Stone church I travelled all of the 5 minutes down the road to Butts Lane to do my usual butterfly walk.  Today's highlight was seeing all three of the patch skipper species:  Large, Small and Essex Skipper.  There were many Ringlets and Small Whites on the wing, with smaller numbers of Meadow Brown seen.  There were also 2 Small Tortoiseshells and a Comma present.

Essex Skipper

Large Skipper

Small White

Spotted Flycatcher


  1. Well I hope the Spotfly pays your patch a visit Jase, at least you got to see one this year!!

  2. What a good couple of days you've had Jason. Crossbills on the last post... I should be so lucky!
    Lots of lovely butterflies too.

    You are the third person in two days to mention Spotty Flys being seen in churchyards, I bet you can guess where I'll be going before too long ;)

  3. Warren, you are absolutely right. I thought I wouldnt see any locally this year. Pity its not quite on the patch though...more work required ;-)

    Thanks Shy. Its been a good week consifdering the time of year and yes check out those churchyards particularly in the more rural areas.