Friday 23rd March 2012 - Shenstone

This morning, with the sun shining I decided to head down to the patch to enjoy the Spring weather.  I cannot tell you how much a bit of blue sky and sunshine lifts my spirits.

Around the patch I noticed there had been an increase in the numbers of singing Chiffchaffs from a number of localities: 2 along Stanklyn Lane, 1 along Butts Lane, 1 along Witch Lane. (TS) also reported one singing near Captains Pool.

The Corn Bunting flock was located along the hedgerow of the model aircraft field at Heath Lane.  A maximum count of 52 Corn Bunting was recorded by both myself and (TMH).

Raptors noted around the patch today included 1 ♂ Kestrel, 4 Common Buzzard and 1 Little Owl.

The warm weather had also bought out a number of butterflies with 7 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Red Admiral and an early Green-veined White seen on the wing.  Also of interest was a Honey Bee that was seen gathering pollen from the Coltsfoot along Butts Lane.

Honey Bee on Coltsfoot


  1. A good selection there, Jason. Just seen my first Orange Tip of the year, today (Monday).

    Struggling to get anywhere near the flutters in this unseasonal heat.

  2. Hi Jason, I thought I'd commented on the two Merlins, maybe I was just 'TWO' envious ;-) seriously though that was amazing!

    I heard my first Chiffchaff of the year on Thursday, then on Saturday they seemed to be everywhere :-)

    Lovely photo! Coltsfoot always looks so cheerful.

  3. You're doing much better for Flutters there than I am here Jase. Not had a Small tort at all this year yet :-(

  4. I totally agree with you re the sun and blue sky Jason. A few butterflies help too!

  5. Dean - You are absolutely right mate...this warm weather is making the flutters very flighty and not particularly easy to photograph

    Jan - 'TWO envious'...I like what you did there! Your right about the Chiffys, they seemed to arrive en masse at the end of last week

    Warren - Small Tort is the most common buterfly on my patch at the mo..I'm literally falling over them!

    Phil - Absolutely mate...long may it continue!