A sad note....

It is with much sadness that today we had to say goodbye to our elderly rescue dog Danny.

We took him on from Forest Dog Rescue 18 months ago.  A few months previous I had lost my job and had been recovering from depression.  Adopting Danny really helped me back to mental well being when I was at a really low point. He gave me companionship and purpose at a time when during the daytime, whilst Bev was at work, I felt I had little.

With us Danny learned to trust people again.  He found love, warmth, food and shelter...a far cry from when he was picked up on the street by the warden 2 years ago.

I really don't know what else to say except both Bev and I will miss him loads.

R.I.P.  Danny


  1. Thank you for sharing your story of Danny and the obvious love you and Bev had for him Jason. I am sure Danny gave a lot of love and affection back in return.

    All I can say is remember all the good times you both shared with Danny.

    My thoughts are with you.

  2. My heart goes out to you and Bev, Jason. I know only too well what a horrible time it is. You know though that you gave him a wonderful home to see his days out and you will have some very happy memories to look back on I'm sure.

  3. Very sad Jason but lovely sentiments and his memory will live forever! Having lost 3 dogs over the years I'm aware of what your going through! My thoughts are with you and Bev.

  4. Jase,
    Always sad when our beloved pets die, just like one of the family really.

    His arrival helped you become strong again, and his depature will give you strength in ways that you may not realise just yet :-)

    Goos luck mate.

  5. A lot of folks don't understand what pets bring to peoples lives. He helped set you right and you did a grand job for him.

    best wishes to both of you


  6. So sorry to hear about Danny Jase. Our pets become part of the family and i know how horrible it can feel to lose them. Try to remember the good times you and Bev shared with Danny, and that you gave him a great home and a contented and happy last few years.

    All the best mate...

  7. On the positive side,I'm sure he's left a much needed and caring home for another rescue dog Jason.
    All the best.

  8. Hi Jason,
    You and Danny were obviously great friends and good for each other. All the best for the difficult days ahead, Rob

  9. They do'nt ask for a lot but give so much - i could'nt be without mine - my first Staffie flushed the only Corncrake i've ever seen, on the Isles of Scilly.

    There's only one thing to do mate........get another!


    Laurie -

  10. Sad post Jason, made my wife cry. Our thoughts are with you.

  11. A sad day for you, Jason. I`m not a dog person, but i can fully understand your loss.

  12. I have never met you, I hope to one day while out birding. So sorry to hear of your loss, I lost my dog recently so I know how you feel. Keith Phillips.