Thursday 22nd March 2012 - Eymore Wood

This afternoon, whilst the sun was shining, I decided to go for a stroll at Eymore Wood.   Eymore Wood is situated next to the River Severn and is only 4 miles from where I live.  It's a place that I used to visit regularly with Danny, when he was in better health, and its cracking place to go for a wander.

During my circuit around the wood I saw a number of the common woodland birds including 2 Treecreepers, 6 Goldcrests and 3 Coal Tits.  There were also 4 singing Chiffchaffs on site which really lifts the spirit hearing these summer migrant warblers singing away.  I only encountered 2 butterflies and both of them were Small Tortoiseshell (oh...when will I see a Brimstone or Comma this Spring!)

On returning to the upper carpark I was treated to a huge flock of 100+ Siskin that flew out of the adjacent Larches and wheeled around and landed in the tree tops further up the way.  The sound and volume of these small finches chuntering away was deafening.  

Just before leaving I was treated to brief views of a ♂ Common Crossbill that perched in a tree near my car (just a pity he didn't want to pose nicely for the camera).  All in all an enjoyable walk and a pleasant way to while away an hour or two on a sunny afternoon.

♂ Common Crossbill - 22nd March 2012


  1. At least you saw a Crossbill Jason.We too love Eymore and have been several times this year. Have we seen a Crossbill? Nope.Don't think they like us!

  2. Only added Crossbill to my patch list last Autumn Jase, I'd love a photo of one though :-)

  3. A very pleasant walk indeed. Well done with the Crossbill Jason.

    I'm still waiting for my first Brimstone of the year too. Heard my fiirst Chiffchaff of the year yesterday though :-)

  4. Mike - Eymore is a cracking place...although there is a lot of disturbance going on from the tree felling there at the mo. The Crossbill flocks have pretty much disbanded now so only odd individuals about, which can be tricky to see at times

    Wren - Thanks

    Warren - I still need Crossbill for my patch list. I am lucky though to live only 3 or 4 miles from an area where there is usually a good wintering flock

    Jan - Thanks. It was a pleasant walk and good to hear the Chiffys. Just need a pesky Brimstone now!