Tuesday 30th July 2012 - Odds and ends

I'm still out of action due to ongoing car woes.  All being well the repairs will be complete by Wednesday evening.

With Bev being day off and having no wheels we had a walk down the town to mooch around the shops (I know great eh?).  But I am one to take opportunities when they arise and, whilst the good lady was looking at clothes in New Look, I stood on the footbridge over the River Stour and spent some time watching the fish.  The water was really quite clear and there was a shoal of 80+ Chub (of varying sizes) showing very well below where I was stood.

Unfortunately there was no sign of the Weaver's Wharf  Peregrine but still it was nice to get out for a while and we did have coffee and toast for brekkie whilst in the town...so not a bad couple of hours.

Patch News:
The ♂ Whinchat was again present at Stanklyn lane taking it's stay up to 11 days


  1. When the cat was away..................

  2. Hi Jason, I have replied to your comment (thank you) on my blog but thought it worth repeating the answer to your question here. It was Bernwood Forest, I did consider Oversley but Bernwood is a just a tiny bit nearer. I am hoping to get to Oversley before too long though.

    Sorry to read of your car woes and that they interfered with your plans, so annoying! Glad you still managed to get out though. Lovely Odonata photos and very well done on the Marsh Tit :-) I have only ever (knowingly) seen one on my patch!

    Glad to see on today's post you still have the Whinchat. I detest shopping but you managed to turn it into something much more pleasant ;-) and the brekkie sounded good too!

  3. Might as well head to the shops here too jase :-)

  4. Ha, Bob you've hit the Nail on the head mate

    Jan - Thanks for the info. They are a great butterfly to see!

    Warren - surely things aren't that bad!!!!

  5. A nice bridge over a river full of fish sounds good, Jase. Killing time outside our New Look only has pigeons on offer - and mind your heads!

  6. Rob - I'm really not a great fan of shopping, although I don't mind trawling the charity shops to look through the books. But when the other half is looking at clothes the mind does wonder (and the feet in this case)...the fish were a really welcome distraction ;-)

  7. Jason, I think I would get on well with your Bev! And yes, Rob would be standing with you on the bridge!

  8. Omi...the bridge was definitely the best option! ;-)