Out of action for a few days...

Just to let you good folks know, there will be no blog posts until after the weekend as I'm off down 'The Smoke' for a few days.  

Primarily Bev and I are going down for a gig in Hyde Park.  The headliners are American alternative rock band Soundgarden who Bev really likes.  For me, I'm more interested in seeing the second from top act Iggy and the Stooges.  As well as Iggy, this line up consists of the original drummer, original Sax player and the second guitarist John Williamson who came in in 1972 and co-wrote the seminal proto-punk album Raw Power...which they are currently playing pretty much in its entirety.  Can't wait!  The other bands are pretty pants to be honest, although ragga-metal act Skindred are also on my radar.

Other than the gig I dare say we will be seeing a few sights, mooching round Camden Market and going for a few beers in the Worlds End pub....mmmm I can taste the beer already.

Anyway this is what I have to look forward too....


  1. I am playing catch-up at present Jason.

    Enjoy the Gig and a great weekend! I really hope you don't need your wellies!

  2. you two have a great weekend, mate :)

  3. Had a great time....thanks all!