Wed 18th July 2012 - Captains Pool, Grimley & Shenstone

Today I decided to give Tony a bell and see if he fancied popping out for a couple of hours birding.  I hadn't seen the old chuffer for a few weeks and thought it would be good to catch up whilst there was a short lived break in the weather.

On arriving at Tony's there were still 7 Common Terns present at Captains Pool.  These birds are all adults and initially dropped in on Saturday.  They are obviously finding plenty of food as they seem in no rush to leave.  Also interesting was seeing them perch high up in a dead tree on the island, something I have never seen before with Common Terns.

Common Terns

From Captains Pool we headed out to Grimley where the afternoons shower dodging began.  We did manage to get down to the North End of Camp Lane pits whilst it was dry and were treated to cracking views of a juvenile Hobby hawking low over the lagoons for dragonflies (of which there were many).  Also of note here was a Little Egret and 2 Common Terns.  A ♂ Peregrine was perched on a fencepost on the west side.

What was worrying though was the fact that the land at Camp Lane Pits is being sold of for a possible country house with wetland for leisure activities. There is a public footpath that runs past the lagoons so access wouldn't be an issue but if it becomes yet another fishing pool (of which there are already many in this area) or a game shooting area the wildlife will soon disappear...only time will tell.

Worrying Signs

On the way back home we stopped off at Butts Lane, Shenstone where Tony managed to bag an Essex Skipper for his year list.  Quite lucky really as it was the only Skipper we saw there today.

On the evening a ♂ Whinchat was present at Stanklyn Lane in the Gallows Field (TMH)


  1. Whinchats already Jase, I'll have to wait a few weeks yet - if I do get any that is!

  2. I have found over the past couple of years Warren I always seem to get an early return chat or Redstart mid july...probably a failed breeder. That then tends to be it until the main passage in august

  3. Another big house for someone with more money than they know what to do with. Such a shame.