Sunday 1st July 2012 - Back on patch

After the 'away days' of the past couple of weeks I decided it was about time to start working Shenstone again.  The weather was rather windy but it was dry and the temperature was mild.

I arrived at the patch early afternoon and decided to walk the Stanklyn Lane fields.  The set aside near the pylon looked absolutely stunning but sadly was lacking in wildlife with only a single Meadow Brown butterfly observed.

The gallops field was far more productive with a further 7 Meadow Browns, a Small Tortoiseshell and a Silver Y recorded.

Stanklyn Lane was very quite in terms of birdlife although a single Yellowhammer and a 'wheeting' Willow/Chiff were noted.

I then headed over to Butts Lane to walk my usual circuit.  There was a greater presence of the patch's avian inhabitants here with 10 Skylark, 8 Linnets, 2 Stock Doves, 1 singing Chiffchaff and a Common Buzzard observed.  2 Lesser Black-backed Gulls flew over heading ENE.

A few butterflies were also present including 2 Large Skippers, 2 Meadow Browns and a Ringlet.  The highlight though was a rather stunning Six-spot Burnett moth that was perched in the set-aside.  I also saw a single Lime-speck Pug moth but unfortunately the wind was blowing too much for a photo of this small moth.

It was good to get back on the patch and see what was about.  I will try and visit more regularly with autumn bird migration approaching.

Stanklyn Lane set-aside

Click on image to enlarge

Silver Y

Six-spot Burnett


  1. That nice looking bit of set-aside looks like it should play host to plenty of Lepidoptera Jason but this year I find it's really heavy going finding them in even the best places! As you mention, on the odd nice day, we usually have gusty conditions to contend with too :-(. Very nice Siver Y and Six-spot Burnett!

  2. Jan - Tell me about it. I haven't recorded a single Common Blue at Shenstone so far this year! and I've only seen 1 Ringlet and 2 Brown Argus there this year....very very poor!

  3. As you say Jase, we can expect a better variety of birds this month, and maybe even a nice passage bird to tick for the patch :-)

  4. Fingers crossed Warren. i've seen some good inverts this year but had to leave the patch to do so...the weather has really knocked Shenstone on that front!

  5. The six-spot Burnett looks like it's been playing with the paints. Nice shot. Looks a lovely area too.

  6. Thanks Omi...they are cracking little moths