Shenstone Snippets

Below is a summary of some notable sightings from the patch, by other birders, whilst I have been away.

Saturday 14th July 2012
This morning 7 adult Common Terns dropped into Captains Pool (TS).  This incredible count is a new site record.

This afternoon a ♀ Common Redstart was present in a hedgerow along Stanklyn Lane (TMH)


  1. 7Common Terns, fantastic. I got over excited when I saw one there on Thursday. I think the lady who I was talking to (never seen her before), thought I had gone completely nuts.

  2. I know what you mean mike. I stood there a week or so back watching 2 Terns performing well over the pool and in the context of where it is thats pretty special...a lot of the dog walkers look at you gone out mind, although some do take an interest

  3. While the cat's away............

    Laurie -

  4. Haha...your not far wrong ther Laurie. Although the 2 guys above are both Shenstone regulars