Monday 20th August 2012 - Shenstone

Having arrived back from my weekend away I decided to do a quick whistle stop tour of the patch.

I started at Stanklyn Lane where TMH had observed 2 Redstarts on Saturday 18th August.  There was of course no sign but now the meadow had been cut next to the hedgerow it looked considerably more likely for passage chats.

I then proceeded to check the numerous fence lines at the paddocks and was soon rewarded with a cracking juvenile Whinchat

Next stop was Heath Lane paddock where a light-morph Common Buzzard was perched along the left-hand fence line and a ♂ Sparrowhawk was perched in the hedgerow opposite.

My final location on my whistle stop visit was Butts Lane.  At Eastfields farm a juvenile and an adult Green Woodpecker was present.  There was very little of note in the fields opposite.

Whinchat - 20th August 2012


  1. A productive whistle stop tour for you Jason!

    I have recently nailed a Redstart now I have to nail a!

    Love the Whinchat image!

  2. Nice one on the juv Whinchat Jase! Not a sniff here yet, since the moulting adult in July!

  3. Sorry you missed out on the Redstarts Jason but well done on the young Whinchat, great photo too.

    It sounds like you really made the most of your weekend in Rutland, it would be a shame to go to the fair and not visit any of the reserve, by going for a few days you managed both. I would love to have gone but of course, we can't leave Louis for any length of time.

    Well done on the Osprey sighting and photo...great stuff! You should have got a photo with J K he has a space on his website where you can upload photos of yourself taken with him. He really is a lovely chap. If you haven't read it I can thoroughly recommend his autobiography, such a colourful character!

  4. Nice one with the Whinchat Jase, I think the fact that there is no Maize crop on my patch this year is a factor in the lack of 'Chats' this year

  5. Pam - Cheers. It was nice to get back on patch. I'm sure you will pick up whinchat on one of your walks soon.

    Craig - Thanks Mate. I was away the weekend and missed a bit of movement on the patch but this more than made up for it!

    Jan - Thankyou, we had a great weekend. I will have to pick up a copy of JK's book...thanks for the heads up on that one!

    Warren - Ta mate. There's still time...i'm sure you will pick up a Whinchat soon!

    Bob - Thanks mch appreciated!