Shenstone News

Saturday 25th August 2012:
The 2 Whinchats and a Northern Wheatear were present at Stanklyn Lane paddocks at 7am (Terry H)

A Common Redstart was reported at Stanklyn Lane paddocks mid-morning (per Birding Today)

A Yellow Wagtail flew over Stanklyn paddocks heading East mid afternoon and 4 Swifts also passed through.  The 2 Whinchats were still present but there was no sign of Wheatear or Redstart (Jason K). 

Sunday 26th August 2012:
The 2 Whinchats were still present at Stanklyn paddocks this morning and a Common Redstart was also observed (Terry H)

Also, 2 Common Redstarts at Heath Lane paddock and a Peregrine and 5 Common Buzzards up over the patch this afternoon (Craig Reed)



  1. Nice set of passerine Migrants Jase :-)

  2. The Whinchat, both here and below, and the Swallow photos are lovely and look particularly nice when enlarged Jason. Well done on Friday's Lesser Whitethroat.

  3. Warren - Cheers mate...things finally seem to be happening again!

    Jan - Thanks, much appreciated. Yes the Lesser Whitethroat was the days bonus bird!