Thursday 23rd August 2012 - Shenstone & Tanwood

Today's visit to the patch was one of the most unproductive that I have had for a long while.  Stanklyn Lane paddocks didn't hold a single chat or wagtail.  In fact the only thing of note in this area was 16 Swallows and 2 Ravens that flew over!  In fact the most excitement I had at this area was when a Chinook helicopter flew over!

The only bird of interest at Heath Lane was a Blackcap that could be heard singing on/off from the bushes next to the Islamic School. A Migrant Hawker dragonfly was noted at Heath Lane paddock.

The Butts Lane, Barrs Lane and Witch Lane areas produced nothing...not even a Linnet or a Skylark.  So with my spirits rather deflated I headed off a couple of miles up the road to Tanwood.

On arriving at Tanwood I was soon greeted by the site of the moulted adult ♂ Common Redstart that has been present for the past few days.  I continued scanning and I picked up what was the undoubted highlight of the day, an adult ♂ Northern Wheatear.  Unfortunately It was just a bit too distant to get a decent photo of but it was a welcome sight all the same.
Hopefully I would have a better day at Shenstone tomorrow.

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