Thursday 2nd August 2012 - Shenstone & Grimley

To say the weather was variable today would be an understatement.  One moment lovely sunshine next torrential downpours.  It was during one such sunny spell that I decided to pay a visit to the patch. 

On arriving at Stanklyn Lane I was aghast to see the farmer in his tractor cutting down the vegetation in the gallops field.  Incredibly the ♂ Whinchat was still present on a Ragwort whilst the tractor was taking out the rest of its perches.  The bird would either be gone by tomorrow or would relocate elsewhere on patch whilst continuing its moult.  The other downside of this field being cut is the impact it may have on the numerous butterflies present there, especially the Small Coppers and Meadow Browns.

From Shenstone I headed over, with Tony, to Camp Lane pits at Grimley to see the Great White Egret that had been discovered there earlier that day by local birder and fellow Baggies supporter John Hingley.  On arriving at the North end I soon picked up the bird working it's way along the Eastern shoreline.  What was interesting was when it walked past a Grey Heron and you could get an appreciation of the size of the bird.  I started to take some video footage when the mother of all downpours came down.  I kept filming for a minute or so before I conceded that it was just too wet.  We headed back to the dry of Tony's car and waited for the rain to didn't.  After waiting in the car for what seemed an age it became apparent that this weather was pretty much set in and we decided to head back home.  Still it was a worthwhile visit and gave us good views of a fairly scarce bird.

Great White Egret

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Patch News:
I heard of Terry H today and the Whinchat has now relocated to the paddocks opposite the gallops field


  1. Blimey, that is a walloping great bird Jason!! I didn't realise they were quite that large, it really showed next to the Heron. I haven't seen one. I remember being amazed by just how small the Little Egret is when I first saw one. Well done on the photo and video!

    Glad the Whinchat hasn't gone too far. It's heartbreaking when farmers do that to good habitat.

  2. Brilliant shot of the Great White Egret and the video, I love 'em.

  3. Great photo and video, Jason. I love how these birds walk; that's how I used to creep out of our kids rooms when they finally got to sleep!

  4. Jan - Thank's absolutely huge. There is no way anyone should confuse this with a Little egret's double the size!

    As for the field being cut, it's very dissapointing :-(

  5. Bob - Thanks mate. I was pleased with the video...I think the rain adds to the atmosphere

    Omi - Many thanks. Rob will have to video you doing your heron walk and post it on his blog lol!