Tuesday 21st August 2012 - Grimley

This afternoon Bev and I decided to pop to Grimley to see (yet again in my case) the Great White Egret.  Herons are Bev's favourite family of birds and she hadn't had an opportunity to see this stunner as yet, so with the sun shining we head off!

On arrival we bumped into blog reader Mike T and his other half and, needless to say, a good natter ensued.  We walked the causeway to get a better angle on the bird and got great views as it flew across the water to the flooded western side.  Here the Great White Egret could be seen next to 2 Little Egrets and 2 Grey Herons, giving a real appreciation of the size of this huge bird!

Whilst Bev was enjoying the bird and me being the birder that I am, I continued scanning the Camp Lane pits to see what else was about.  This was a good decision as I picked up a Black-tailed Godwit working the northeast shoreline.  The bird still retained much of its summer plumage and had a lovely orange colour to it's head and chest. 

Also of note at Camp Lane were 3 Common Terns (2 adult and 1 juv) and 2 Sand Martins passed through.

To view more photos of the Great White Egret and Grimley birds in general click on the following link to the Grimley Wildlife Flickr group:


If you have a Flickr account and have any photos taken at Grimley/Holt please feel free to join the group and share your images


  1. Hi Jason, great to meet (and natter to) you and Bev. Thanks for letting us pick your brains and also thanks for the Flickr link, some superb photos on there. I think mine of the GWE was what you guys call a "record" shot.

  2. Hi Mike...not a problem. It's always a pleasure to natter to fellow wildlife lovers!