Monday 17th Jan 2011 - Shenstone and Wyre Forest

A ♀ Brambling was with a number of Chaffinch along Witch lane today. 40 Linnet were also seen and the flock of 30 Yellowhammer were still present (TMH).

2 Tawny Owls were heard calling at Captains Pool from 9pm this evening (TS).

This morning after I went and did my voluntary work for Forest Dog Rescue at Far Forest, I decided to pop into the Wyre to see if I could connect with the Hawfinches that have been present for the past couple of weeks. On arriving at the orchard next to Lodge Hill farm it struck me being unusually bird less. I set my scope up and scanned through the tall trees where the had been seen...nothing. after about 30 minutes I decided to head back to the old bridge and view from there so I may pick up a few other bits and pieces. Within a few minutes I heard a Hawfinch calling and saw it perched in a tree at the edge of the disused railway line. It flew after about 30 seconds but then I noticed a second bird deeper in the tree lower down. I set up my scope and had some nice views but before I could connect my camera it was flushed by a Chaffinch, typical. Still, it is always a pleasure to see this good looking bird that has become scarce these days.


  1. Glad you connected with them second attempt..wander how long they will stay around for? would love to see one of these

  2. They may be around for a number of weeks on/ worth going for. But there are other birds worth seeing in the wyre. walk down from Lodge Hill farm to Dowles Brook and theres a good chance you will see see Dipper