Tuesday 18th Jan 2011 - Shenstone

Another day..another visit too the patch, but what a day it would turn out to be!

Today, myself and TS, started by checking out Witch Lane. There was no sign of yesterday's Brambling but the 30+ Yellowhammers were still present. 7 Stock Doves were also seen feeding in the stubble opposite the old grainstore.

From Witch Lane it was over to Butts Lane/BackLane triangle where a mixed Bunting flock of 5 Reed Bunting and 2 Yellowhammers were showing well on the hedgerowns and fenceposts. Also seen at this location were 7 Linnets, a ♀ Kestrel and 2 Common Buzzards.

At Heath Lane paddock there were c.50 Fieldfare, c. 50 Redwing, 6 Starling and 2 Goldfinch feeding on the ground. 20 Linnets flew up from the adjacent stubble and landed on the wires. The model aircraft field was quiet with 2 Yellowhammers being the only birds of note.

The final stop was Stanklyn Lane. On arriving here a Coal Tit was seen with a small Tit flock. We decided to walk through the beet field and along the footpaths to the area where (JT) had recorded 5 Corn Buntings last week. On arriving at the Sheep field we immediately picked up 4 Corn Buntings. They then were joined by a load more from the nearby stubble. Now I counted 27! The flock then flew over the stubble and wheeled back round landing in the opposite hedge. I set up my scope and panned along counting 34 Corn Buntings in total. I was elated as this was the highest count that Ive ever had on the patch. Prior to this 17 Corn Buntings was my maximum, although there have been occasional reports of c.30 birds over recent winters.

Also present nearby were c.60 Chaffinch, 2 Yellowhammer and a Green Woodpecker. c.100 Linnet were present in the beet field.

Corn Buntings - 18th January 2011:


  1. Great find Jason.. stop hogging them..send a few up to my neck of the woods ;@)

  2. Ha..you never know there might be a small breeding group over atyour patch waiting to be found. Its not far from shenstone, I know there is another small population between Woodrow and Bluntington, and thats even closer to yours.

  3. Great to hear about the CB's Jase, thats one I wont be finding here in a hurry :-)

  4. Cheers Warren...Im lucky to have a breeding population on my patch...It is also quite worying as you never know if and when you may lose them...hopefully not for a while.