Saturday 15th Jan 2011 - Shenstone

Its been a bit of a messing about day today and I only managed to steal about an hour to pop to Shenstone. With this in mind I decided to focus my attention on the Witch Lane area.

Shortly after arriving on the Lane I was greeted by a ♀ Kestrel sat on a nearby fence post. Also along the lane were 6 Stock Doves and the 30+ Yellowhammer flock remains in the area of the former grainstore. Whilst standing on Witch Lane scanning I was treated to a patch first in a Great Black-backed Gull that flew SW alongside 4 Lesser Black-backed Gulls.

The flock of 20 Goldfinch was still present along Heath Lane, although today they were located in the trees opposite The Granary Hotel.


  1. Well done with that GBB Gull Jase, whats the species target for this year ?

  2. Blimey Warren now theres a question...Id'd say that I would like to get Firecrest, Wryneck or Short Eared Owl, all of which would be patch firsts.

    But on a more achievable note I would settle for Whimbrel, Ring Ouzel or even a humble Bullfinch...all of which have been confirmed sightings on the patch but not by myself...they are patch lifers for me.