26th & 27th September 2011 - Shenstone

Tuesday 27th September
The imm. Black Redstart was again present at Eastfields farm when I checked this morning.  Also of note were 15 House Martin and 1 Swallow that flew over Butts Lane heading SE.

There were no birds of note in the Stanklyn Lane paddocks today but 3 Skylarks and 1 Meadow Pipit flew over heading S.

Monday 26th September
On the afternoon, I popped around the patch with TonyOur first stop was Eastfields Farm to check on the Black Redstart.  It was again present and at times showing well.  2 Meadow Pipits were over.

We then did a walk along Butts Lane/Barrs Lane and took the public footpath back through the mixed brassica/cereal field.  Along the path was a really nice Wheatear that was quite obliging, allowing for a few photos. 3 Linnets flew out from the brassica crop as we walked past. A single Small White was the only butterfly of note.

Along Heath Lane there were 4 really crisp Red Admirals on the wing.  The only birds of note here were a single Meadow Pipit and a flock of 15 Linnets.

Northern Wheatear

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Red Admiral

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  1. Red Admirals are certainly the butterfly of the moment, Jason. Great pic of it.

  2. Thanks Guys...There definitely seem to be plenty of nice crisp Red Admirals about

  3. That really is a spanking Red Admiral Jase, I had a Wheatear today too .