Wednesday 31st August 2011 - Deadstone

Well after the excitement of the past few away days it was back to the usual business of checking out the patch.  To be honest it was one of those 'Deadstone' know like in the old westerns where the place is deserted and the tumbleweed rolls past.

Stanklyn Lane paddocks were empty all but for 2 Linnets and the distant 'wheating' of a Willow-Chiff and Heath Lane was no better with a single Yellowhammer briefly showing being the only highlight.

I headed over to Witch Lane where things did improve a little. 2 Common Whitethroats (1 adult & 1 juv) were new in (the patch breeding birds departed a couple of weeks back).  A single Kestrel and 2 Common Buzzards were also noted.

The weather was cold, dull and grey feeling positively Autumnal and unsurprisingly not a single butterfly put in an appearance.  I went home feeling thoroughly deflated :-(

I didn't even manage a single photo but I have attached one of a Common Whitethroat from the Shenstone archives.

Common Whitethroat


  1. Same deflated feeling up here too, Jason. Never mind, the first of the winter species will/should be with us by the end of Sept.

  2. I know Dean...I think its more the weather that got to me than anything else

  3. Dont worry Jase, it'll pick up again :-)

  4. Things can only get better and at least the sun has shone the last couple of days...good to see some daylight!

    That's a great Common Whitethroat image Jason!