Shenstone News

Important Notice:
The local authority has withdrawn from using the proposed site along Butts Lane as one of the permanant gypsy/traveller sites that they are creating in the Kidderminster area.  The Butts Lane site next to Eastfields Farm was thrown out during the consultation phase where 7 sites were short-listed from the proposed 15.  Had it gone a head it could have been catastrophic for the local wildlife such as the Corn Bunting popoulation.

Sunday 25th September 2011
The Black Redstart was still present at Eastfields Farm this morning and a Hobby was over Barrs Lane (MP)


  1. Great news Jason! You are breathing a sigh of relief no doubt!

  2. No one wants 'em Jase, and why should they!

  3. I didn`t know you were so close to that site, Jason.

    I`m not against ethnic cultures, but surely, if they want to be known as Travellers, why don`t they just do that and travel, instead of setting up permanent homes.

  4. I agree Warren/Dean. Its not so much the fact that they would have permanant homes there (why if they are so called travellers?) but also the knock on effect to the whole area...flytipped building materials and would be so detrimental