Monday 12th September 2011 - Upton Warren & Shenstone

Today I decided that I would have a day off patch, so I picked up Tony and we headed over to Upton Warren NR.  I wasn't going there for any specific bird...its just when you have a patch that's predominately arable land its good to go to water now and then.

We started our visit at the Moors Pool where we were greeted by 2 juvenile Arctic Terns that were showing their acrobatic prowess off over the water.  Also at this location we had a Hobby go through and picked up a Green Sandpiper, a Common Sandpiper and the Barnacle Goose (that's been kicking around for a while now). One of the highlights for myself though was seeing a juvenile Bullfinch feeding on the seed table in front of the West hide.  On the walk back along the track to the car park there was a really crisp looking Red Admiral that was obliging enough to let me get a few photos.

From the Moors we headed over to the somewhat dried out Flashes.  Whilst here we picked up 2 Dunlin (1 adult & 1 juv), 3 Green Sandpipers and 18 Curlew.  Also whilst at the flashes, an adult Arctic Tern dropped in over the first flash for a minute or so before heading over towards the sailing lake. 3 Common Buzzards flew over heading South.

As well as the bird life we also recorded 1 Migrant Hawker and 2 Common Darter dragonflies.

On the way back we quickly skirted through Shenstone and saw 3 Corn Buntings that were on the brassicas along Barrs Lane.  On dropping TS back off at Captains pool there was a single Sand Martin performing well over the water.

Bullfinch (juvenile)

Red Admiral


  1. You saw some of the best. The juvenile Bullfinch is superb.

  2. Nice to see Arctic Tern Jason. I had my first Kent sighting just recently. I think a day off patch can make a real change because it's always good to get back I think.

  3. I saw a very fresh looking Red Admiral yesterday, Jason. They must have just emerged.

  4. Cheers Bob...he was lovely to see.

    Phil, you are absolutely right. A day of patch now and then keeps it all fresh when you are back on patch.

    Dean,, I agree I reckon they are the second generation Red Admirals that will over winter.

  5. Good to see Bullfinch's utilizing feeders Jase, maybe it will help their numbers recover :-)

  6. Let's hope so Warren...they are a scarce bird at Shenstone these days