Saturday 4th September 2011 - Shenstone

I arrived at the patch mid to late afternoon and decided to check out the Witch Lane area first. On arrival, a Kestrel was present hovering over the potato field and a Common Buzzard was also up.  Further up the lane was a flock of 30 Linnet and a flock of c.50 Lapwing was seen flying over Curslow Lane.

I drew a blank at Heath Lane and the Stanklyn Lane area wasn't much better.  So I headed over to Butts Lane.

At Butts Lane there were c.60 Swallows and c.20 House Martins wheeling around and gathering on the wires.  A Corn Bunting was present on a nearby hedgerow and 2 juvenile Common Buzzard were present nearby.

I then decided to scan around the fairly derelict Eastfields farm as I have recorded Wheatear there previous Autumns.  As I scanned there seemed to be no sign of any chats.  Then suddenly a juvenile Black Redstart flew into view and landed on a fence post...result!  Not long afterwards it was mobbed by a Robin and flew behind the barns.  It then showed on/off perching on the small red brick building.  This was definitely my patch bird of the Autumn...all those hours had paid off!

Black Redstart

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  1. Excellent sighting Jase, you are right, all those hours you put in, and persisting through the lean tmes pays off in the end. Nice one :-)

  2. A well deserved sighting Jason! Great pic and video too!

  3. Cheers a fellow local patch birder you can appreciate the amount of time spent with next to nothing...its days like this that really makes it worth while!

    Thanks Pam...much appreciated

  4. Nice one, Jason. When you`ve had enough of it, can you will it my way ;-)

  5. Jason, I'm thinking that maybe your blessed with this birding lark (no pun intended) and perhaps I should arrange a day out with you :)

    Excellent spot!!!

  6. Cheers Dean...I will see what I can do mate ;-)

    Thanks Keith...I will let you know if I'm ever heading over Draycote Water or Braandon Marsh way

  7. excuse the typo...It should read Brandon Marsh