Friday 28th October 2011 - Shenstone

I managed to grab half hour to pop to the patch late afternoon after doing a taxi job for the better half.  As I was short on time I decided to spend it at Heath about right decision.

As I pulled up next to the paddock in my motor a sizable flock of small finches landed in the trees at the edge of the adjacent Islamic School grounds.  My first thought was 'Linnets' as they tend to be round the patch in good numbers during Autumn/Winter.  I got out my car and could here them calling with a metallic chattering song...I realized they were actually Lesser Redpoll.  I grabbed my bins to have a better look at them as they frantically flitted around in the tree tops feeding.  Scanning through them it looked like at least 80% of them were 1st winter birds. Suddenly, the flock took flight heading West.  I counted 42 Lesser Redpoll in total...a new patch record count by a long way!

Also of note was a Fieldfare that was perched on the telegraph wires.  A single Cormorant flew over heading South West.


  1. Well done Jase. I only commented on my blog today that there are more Lesser Redpoll around this year than any other - on my patch at least!

  2. Cheers Warren...of the top of my head I think my previous highest count was 6 this was a real treat on the patch. Lucky timing I guess

  3. Good job with the Lesser Redpoll Jase. They are beautiful.