It has recently come to my attention that certain individuals saw it fit to climb over the fence into Eastfields Farm and look for/get better views of the long-staying Black Redstart that had been present.  I will add that the majority of birders didn't and patiently waited for the bird to show.

I have spent a number of years building up a rapport with a number of the farmers, land-owners and residents around my patch and I don't wish for this to be undone by a few selfish individuals.  Not only is it making a mockery of peoples private property it can also disturb/put up the bird thus not enabling the next birders who come along to see it.

If such behaviour happens in future on my patch I will no longer forward the news of any scarce birds I may find to the relevant news services and I will not put any site details on my blog.

I spoke to one individual who said he was thinking of jumping the fence earlier this week.  I asked him not to explaining the aforementioned points, only to hear from another fellow birder that this person had said he had climbed in and gone round the back of the buildings.

There is no room for selfish b***rds on my patch and I will tolerate them no longer.



  1. I`m with you, Jason. There`ll always be a selfish minority that put the welfare of a bird or the habitat, last.

  2. Morons whoever they are Jason! I can well understand your intolerance with such people!

  3. Cheers guys. I'm glad you feel the same.

    Fortunately the majority of folks are ok, although this is becoming a growing problem generally within birding...Impatiant twitchers who are so obsessed with seeing the bird they hold no regard for it or others around.

    This is then compounded by a growing number of big lens photographers (not all I may add..I know some very responsible photographers) that have to get to close to the subject to get "the shot". What ever happened to fieldcraft, using hides etc...nah they just walk up to close to the bird and in some cases put it up. I've been to see birds locally that have 'just flown' only to see an amazing close-up photo of the bird on the web by the person who reported it as flown (it doesnt take a mathematician to work out what had happened).

    Anyway I will stop ranting now....deep breaths Jase

  4. Jason, a sad fact of our hobby I'm afraid! Having been involved at Brandon Marsh with the volunteers over the past 3 years I've seen it all! As recently as this summer a Grasshopper Warbler had been showing well in a particular area but was soon displaced by a selfish minority who stalked the bird constantly!! All for a picture trophy. I'm a great believer in sharing the knowledge when a rarity appears but you do wonder!!

  5. Stalking, it is an awful state of taking, and no more giving.

  6. I agree Keith

    You are so right Bob