Thursday 13th October 2011 - Shenstone

For nearly a week a mate of mine Craig (Lutley Birder blog) has been telling me that I need to get out to the patch on Thursday because it was going to be a good winter thrush day.  Although slightly sceptical I set off to visit the patch this morning in the hope of a few winter thrushes.

As I pulled up at Stanklyn Lane I saw a large flock of Thrush size birds drop into the gallops field.  I raised my bins and sure enough, scurrying and feeding in the field were c.100 Fieldfare.  These were soon joined by c.80 Starlings.  They were showing really well for a good 20 minutes until a dog walker went through the middle of the field and put everything up.  Only about 20 Fieldfares came back down, the rest went high and flew SW.  These were my first Fieldfare of the Autumn and usually I only get small numbers this early on.

Also at the gallops field were 6 Skylark.  3 Redwing, 2 alba Wagtails and a single Meadow Pipit also went over.

The southside of the patch, over at Witch Lane, was equally productive.  A flock of c.160 Fieldfare dropped into one of the recently seeded fields whilst I was there.  What a thrush day!  Also of note along the lane was a flock of c.200 Linnet and a ♀ Kestrel.
My final stop off was Butts Lane, where I waked my usual circuit.  Initially this was very quite until a small flock of 4 Meadow Pipits flew over heading West.  In the trees by the Barrs Lane pull in were 4 Goldcrest (this constitutes a fall in Shenstone terms!)

Towards the end of the walk I watched the most bizarre thing.  A ♀ Kestrel was hovering over Eastfields farm being repeatedly mobbed by a single Meadow Pipit.  Either that little bird has balls of steel or more than likely is a youngster with no perception of the danger.  Ether way it was entertaining.



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  1. Well you certainly got your Fieldfares Jase! Even a photo, hope I can get a decent one this winter

  2. It was great to see them again Warren but the light wasn't quite right for the photos...still they serve as a record

  3. Nice Fieldfare footage Jase, i even heard the seep of a Redwing going over if i'm not mistaken along with singing Skylark near the end!

  4. There certainly was a mass movement going on, Jason.
    Yesterday (Friday), a incredible 30000 winter thushes were recorded by the Bradford Ornithological Group. Awesome!!!!

  5. Yes craig...there were the seeps of Redwing and singing Skylark was all happening there at that moment in time!

    Dean...that's an unbelievable count of winter thushes....migration at its best!