Saturday 29th October 2011 - Eymore Wood

I have always been brought up to think of those less fortunate than myself (the elderly, the disabled, Wolves supporters etc.) with him being one of the latter I decided to pop out for a few hours with Mark P.

We decided to pop 3 or 4 miles up the road to Eymore Wood to look for Crossbills.  This is one of the best places locally to see wintering flocks of this charismatic finch as they feed at the tops of the numerous Larches.  They are present most years...needless to say we didn't have a sniff of any today (perhaps a bit early).   There were good numbers of birds flitting around the stands of Larch though with Siskin, Chaffinch, Goldcrest and Coal Tit being of note.

At the large clearing in the middle of the woods was a flock of c.40 Goldfinch and 16 Redwing.  A single Jay was also present here.

Also noted during the walk were a flock of 40+ Fieldfare that flew over heading towards Trimpley Reservoir.  A Sparrowhawk and a Common Buzzard were also seen.

I thought there may be a few fungi to be seen on the walk but they too were sadly lacking, although I did spot a rather nice Yellow Fieldcap along one of the rides.

Yellow Fieldcap (Bolbitius Titubans)


  1. Bad luck with the Crossbills Jason, I'm sure you'll get them soon though. Wish I could say the same!!

  2. Cheers Phil.... are they scarce in your neck of the woods then?

  3. Jase, Phil is just a few miles from me, yes they are scarce!!

  4. They are not thick on the ground in Worcestershire but I believe small numbers breed in the Wyre Forest. There are also a few local sites where winter flocks reg occur.

    I noticed you had a couple of patch 1sts inc. Crossbill the other day Warren...nce one!