Desert Wheatear update and photos

It actually transpires that the Desert Wheatear that I found on Friday at Titterstone Clee Hill is the first county record for Shropshire.

To view some fantastic photos of this bird please check out the Shropshire gallery of Dave Barnes's excellent photography website at the below link:

More excellent photos can be seen at at Jim Almond's Shropshire Birder blog at:

Some more great pictures by Chris Cook can be seen on Birding Today at the following link:

Desert Wheater

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  1. Just back from 'your' Wheatear.....Cool and breezy but the bird was feeding below the Summit Car Park, obligingly in a sheltered area. During the 15-20 mins that we were there (about 40 others) it fed within 5-7 metres and from all angles, showing and fanning it's tail' Also the light was excellent, really strong, giving the bird quite a pale appearance just as they generally appear in strong sun in South/Central Morocco where i am more familiar with them (along with WCB and RR Wheatears)

    Again - superb find a lesson to anybody to investigate everything particularly November Wheatears - must get you a pint of Bathams at some stage!


    Laurie -

  2. Even more good news on your Desert Wheatear Jason! I bet you are well chuffed to say the least!
    Thanks for the links, some super images and of course your record shot...I would be chuffed with that one!

  3. Laurie - A pint of Bathams (or any other bitter for that matter) would be lovely ;-) Glad you saw the bird...sounds more obliging than it was in Friday's near gale force conditions!

    Pam..the word 'chuffed' cannot start to explaoin how happy I was!

  4. It must be very satisfying when 'your' discovery is 'the' news on RBA! Add to that the fact that is is a County 'first' and in landlocked Shroppie and continuing the run of good birds in the area.

    Quote from Saturdays RBA......

    Highlight of the day was the Desert Wheatear in Shropshire. Found yesterday on Titterstone Clee Hill, but reported as a possible Pied Wheatear, the identification was quickly sorted out early morning and the bird remained present all day.


    Laurie -

  5. Dave Barnes shot, is a really nice of the Desert Wheatear.

  6. Laurie - I was dead chuufed when i found out it was a county first for Shrops. Shropshire is having a great run of birds at the mo.

    Bob - I agree, Dave Barnes photos of the Wheatear are excellent