Wednesday 9th November 2011 - Shenstone

I decided to pop around Shenstone for an hour this afternoon with Tony.  Earlier that morning Tony had seen 9 Golden Plover fly over the A448 towards Butts Lane although there was no sign of the birds on the patch this afternoon.

We started our visit at Stanklyn Lane.  The 'redstart hedge' was absolutely chocker with birds busy feeding on the Hawthorn Berries.  There were c.50 Fieldfare, 11 Redwing, 2 Corn Bunting and a  Yellowhammer.  In the surrounding paddocks and on the electricity pylon opposite were c.200 Starling.  There were 22 Skylark were seen over the gallops field after being put up by a dog walker.  Also seen along the lane were a Common Buzzard  and 14 Long-tailed Tits

Next up was Witch Lane.  Walking the public footpath to view the fields provided us with a flock of 40 Fieldfare and a flyover Great Black-backed Gull.  This was only my 2nd ever patch record of Great I was more than pleased!.  Two Meadow Pipits and a flyover Cormorant was also noted.

The final stop was Butts Lane, which was deathly quiet but for a small flock of 18 Linnet that was wheeling around over the brassicas.

All in all not a bad little tour of the patch even if it was pretty dull and overcast the whole time!

Redwing - Stanklyn Lane


  1. Seems to be a good year for Golden Plover Jason. Keep hoping for one at New Hythe, that will be a red letter day!!

  2. The Great Black-backs should start passing over up here soon, Jason. But like the other large Gulls, they seem to be more freguent when the wind`s from the W.
    Only your 2nd ever record. Hard to believe, but well done, all the same.

  3. A lovely Redwing showing off, lol.

  4. Phil...keep them peeled mate..its only a matter of time!

    Dean...I guess it is hard to believe. Perhaps I should watch the skies a little more often ;-)

    Thanks's always great to have the winter thrushes back