Monday 21st Nov 2011 - River Severn, Bewdley

This morning I decided to pop and see the adult Red-throated Diver that had been discovered locally late yesterday afternoon.  As it was a Worcestershire lifer for me and the first one in the county since 1997 it was to good an opportunity to pass up on.

On arriving at the River Severn, I walked the public footpath that runs behind Bewdley High School and soon bumped into a handful of familiar faces who were watching the bird.  I couldn't believe how close it was and how unfazed it seemed by the people gathered nearby.

The diver was an adult in winter plumage and I spent quite a while enjoying it as it was treading water against the flow of the river.  Occasionally it would dive and resurface some distance away.  

It was a real privilege to see one so close up and only 3 miles or so from where I live.  My usual experiences of this species has been off the coast in autumn/winter bobbing up and down way out to see.  Even when they turn up inland it tends to be at the larger reservoirs...something Worcestershire is sadly lacking.

Red-throated Diver (Gavia stellata)


  1. Oh, well done, that's beautiful. I am coming up there on wednesday, please tell me if it goes anywhere.

  2. A county lifer hey, Jason. Congrats on that then. Don`t think i`ll mention then, that i`ve had one over the garden, several years back. Doh!! i just did ;-)

  3. Hey Jason, just one word! AWESOME!!!!

  4. Craig - Thanks...I was pleased with this shot but it could have been better. There is too much vignetting on the left hand side but the bird was so close it was hard to eliminate it when digiscoping.

    Bob - Cheers. I will keep you posted on the bird.

    Dean - Cheers Mate. Red-throated on your garden that is just plain excessive! ;-)

    Keith - Thanks...much appreciated

  5. What a fantastic bird Jason, you must be well happy to have got such good views.

  6. Nice bird Jase! Good to see you catching up with the posts too :-)

  7. Phil - I was stunned to see one so close...a really crackinging bird.

    Warren - cheers mate...I will try not to let the posts slip again this time (honest guv!)

  8. Beautiful photos of red-throated diver.

    Gr Cees

  9. Nice one Jason and a super image too!