Thursday 10th November 2011 - Upper Bittell

Those of you who know me will know that I don't bother going around the country to tick rarities...twitching just leaves me feeling a bit cold to be honest.  I'm not knocking twitchers...its a case of each to their own...some people do get a lot of pleasure from it.  I do occasionally though venture off patch to see a scarce or unusual bird if it is within the locality or a certain radius of here.  Today was one such example.

After I had taken the dog to the vets this morning I decided to pop to Upper Bittell Reservoir (about 15 miles from Shenstone)  to see the Tundra Bean Goose that had been found the previous day by Pete & Majo Lewis (nice one guys!).  Bean Goose, of any race, is a county lifer for me and its been a long time since one had been in I headed there to have a butchers.  

On arrival I bumped into a couple of birders I knew that informed me that it had flown with the Canadas a couple of fields over.  Myself and another birder walked the public footpath across towards the bottom of said field to try and obtain a view.  We did and soon managed to pick up this diminutive goose with its orange legs and small band around its bill feeding in amongst the Canadas.  Although it was murky and overcast I did manage a little video footage which is at the end of this post.

I then decided to walk across to the Reservoir to spend an hour viewing from the Damn.  Initially it seemed that all that was out there was 1000+ Black-headed Gulls and a handful of Lesser Black-backed.  But within a short while I picked up a cracking adult Yellow-legged Gull....probably one of the 2 that were recorded by TMH on the previous day.  Also of note were 32 Wigeon, 5 Shoveller and c.80 Lapwing

I then scanned the trees behind the dam and sailing club to see if I could pick up the Hawfinch that has been showing on/off for the past week.  I had no joy on that front but I did pick up 7 Siskin. There were also many Fieldfare & Redwing present.

All in all it was an enjoyable away day but I do wonder what I may have missed on my patch...ah well.

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  1. Nice one, Jason. It`s been a few years since i saw a Bean. I think all the wild geese are well worth a look.

  2. Thats not murky Jase, you should have been here today ( Friday) that was murk :-) glad you got your goose !

  3. Cheers Dean...I've not seen one outside of Norfolk so it was worth going.

    Thanks Bob...much appreciated.

    It's been a right murky autumn for all of us Warren...although you do seem to have had more han your fair share mate!