Monday 14th November 2011 - Eymore Wood and Trimpley

Today I ventured out with fellow local birder (and supporter of inferior Black Country football teams) Mark P.  Late morning, we headed out a few miles up the road to Eymore Wood.

As with our last visit there was no sign of any Crossbills but & ♀  Bullfinch, Goldcrests, Coal Tits, Nuthatch and Treecreeper were all noted.  We even heard a Tawny Owl calling at one stage.

The reservoirs were fairly quiet, although there was a flock of c. 30 Siskin feeding in the Alders at the edge of the lower reservoir.  40 Tufted Duck and a single Great-crested Grebe were noted on the reservoir its self.  The larger upper reservoir was even quieter with the only note worthy birds being a Kingfisher that zipped across and 2 Cormorants.

The walk along the adjacent stretch of the River Severn proved productive though as there were 26 Mandarin Duck here.  Some of the males were even getting frisky, chasing females and displaying.  OK so I know these are a fairly recent edition to the British list since breeding colonies have established in the wild but I think they are a joy to see!

As you would imagine, the fungi was out in good numbers with Black Bulgar, False Chanterelle, Hairy Curtain Crust, Honey Waxcap and Slippery Jack all noted.

All in all an enjoyable few hours out.

Hairy Curtain Crust (Stereum hirsutum)

Honey Waxcap (Hygrocybe reidii)

Slippery Jack (Suillus luteus)

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  1. Lovely shots of the Hairy Curtain Crust, Jason. The fungi add a welcome dash of colour this time of year. I wonder where that name comes from. I'll look out for that species.

  2. Nice one, Jason. I`m still hoping/waiting for Mandarin to grace my patch. The nearest one was on a stream in the adjacent village, a few years back.

  3. I agree dave, i love Mandarins, there is no problem with them, they fill a gap in the ecosystem that had nothing in it over here!
    A sinlge look at my blog would proberbly show how i like them, with them mentioned on most 'patch' posts, and hreat video btw :)

  4. I think i called you dave jase XD LOL
    dont know where that came from

  5. I like the Mandarins too Jase, a welcome addition to the british duck list :-)

  6. Rob - I havent the foggiest on that name..but as you say it adds a dash of colour.

    Dean - They are in the locality now but I'm still waiting for one on patch at Captains Pool

    Craig - cheers...don't worry about the wrong name...I've been called much worse ;-)

    Warren...I think most of us are in agreement on that one. Some of these more recent colonists and introductions are cracking birds...just look at Little Owl