Monday 6th December 2010 - Captains Pool

This morning c.30 Siskins were present in the Alders at Captains Pool along with 30+ Goldfinch and a single Lesser Redpoll, the first of the winter. (TS)
Having been tied up in the morning and with the majority of the patch fogged out, I decided to pop down to Captains Pool to see if I could pick up any Siskins. But, by the time I had arrived there was no sign. There was 2 Goldfinches and a Pied Wagtail feeding on the ground underneath the Alders but that was all. A ♀ Great Spotted Woodpecker was also seen in a nearby tree.

The pool itself was still frozen with the Mallards keeping a small area free. A Grey Heron was also perched on the ice nearby. Ive attached a couple of photos (taken the day afterwards) to illustrate how little of Captains Pool is left free from ice.

Captains Pool - 7th December 2010:


  1. That's the wonderful of things all in white. The birds aren't very happy with their pond.

  2. They certainly arent have to feel for them in this weather