Saturday 11th Dec 2010 - Shenstone

16 Waxwings were present on the patch for a short while this afternoon perched in a tree along the A450 close to Mustow Green island until 2:40pm (MP).

Unfortunately I just missed them by about 30 minutes as I was in Birmingham at the in-laws when Mark found them. I guess I will have to wait a little longer for that patch tick.

There was some consolation in the fact that there were 2 Waxwings seen in the back gardens for about 10 minutes (BK) and when I was walking the dog mid-morning i had a further 6 Waxwings at Perrett Walk.


  1. Sorry they didn't hang around long enough mate, but with 2 sightings now in that area I'm sure there will be more soon.Good to see you, look forward to next time.

  2. Never mind Jason, but you did see a couple.

  3. Im sure there will Mark and yes it was good to catch up.

    Your right Bob. To be honest Ive been pretty lucky with them on my street this year so I musnt grumble.