Sunday 19th Dec 2010 - Snow, snow and more snow

Well, I'm not able to get out to the patch at the mo. The snow hit fairly hard around here and I wouldn't risk driving around the lanes at Shenstone at the mo and living approx 3 miles away I'm don't really feel inclined to walk there and back. So to make the most of a bad situation Ive been doing a bit of garden bird watching.

Sunday 19th Dec 2010 - Garden Birdwatch
The harsh weather had pushed many thrushes into the back gardens. Within a day they had stripped the Rowan (there goes my chance of more Waxwings!). At one point I counted 15 Blackbirds, 3 Mistle Thrushes, 2 Redwings, a Fieldfare and a Song Thrush all in or around the gardens. In fact, when I opened the back door, 7 Blackbirds flew out of my Pyracantha. Also of note today were 2 ♂ Black Caps feeding at my bird table and 3 Cormorants that flew over heading SE.

Redwing - Kidderminster, 19th Dec 2010:


  1. It was bad at the moment as well, I just tried out my archives. Anyway, a nice Redwing.

  2. Cheers Bob. Thats one thing to be said for the harsh weather, it pushes birds into your garden that you wouldnt normally see. Although I feel for the poor beggers out in this cold snap at the mo

  3. hopefully this cold wont last much longer Jase :-)

    Nice Redwing pic

  4. Yep, pretty grim with no prospect of minor roads becoming any easier. Infact, poor forcast for tonight. Lets hope they are wrong, as I was looking forward to a bit of birding over Christmas

  5. Warren...I certainly hope so (oh and cheers about Redwing pic).

    Mark...yep, the minor roads are a nightmare...not good for birding around our neck of the woods mate.