Saturday 2nd April 2011 - Clent Hills & Shenstone

This morning I had to pop over to see my parents who live in Halesowen and on the way back I decided to pop to the Clent Hills in North Worcestershire. This a place I used to frequent during migration periods when I lived round that way and is a well known spot to pick up passage Ring Ouzels.

There was no sign of any Ouzels but the visit wasn't a waste as I found 2 stunning male Northern Wheatears.  I've attached a crappy record shot but the combination of heat haze and wind meant the photos really weren't up to much.

This whet my appetite so I then decided to check out all the likely areas of Shenstone.  As per the past few days there wasn't a sniff of Wheatear.  I did however record 5 singing Chiffchaffs around the patch and the 2 Curlew were still present.  Other than that it was pretty much deadstone...still next week may bring some new birds in.

Northern Wheatear - Clent, 2nd April 2011:

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  1. It's only a matter of days now Jase ! Migrant arrival is imminent, all sorts will be coming through :-)