Tuesday 19th April 2011 - Wyre Forest

Today I decided to have a break away from Shenstone and pop the 4 miles up the road to the Wyre Forest to undertake a Spring walk with Tony Smith.

We started by visiting the area near to Uncllys farm.  This is a great are on the edge of the forest which is surrounded by old mature orchards.  Along the track down there was both Garden Warbler & Blackcap singing and a stunning ♂ Redstart was working the one orchard perching up and singing from various song posts.  A bit further down the track we picked up 3 singing Tree Pipits at the large clearing on the right.  I love seeing these birds as the fly out from there perch singing and parachute back into the treetops...fantastic birds.

We then drove down to the car park at Dry Mill Lane from where we started our circuit by walking along Dowles Brook to Coopers Mill.  There was a lot of disturbance here today with cyclists, dog walkers, joggers and kids playing in the brook all very much present (I love holiday periods... not!).  We still managed to pick up 1 Dipper and 1 Grey Wagtail but there was no sign of any Mandarin Ducks.

Walking the disused railway Line and the clear areas above we picked up 3 singing Wood Warblers, 3 ♂ Redstarts and a further 3 Tree Pipits.  Also of note on our travels were Green Woodpecker, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Nuthatch, Marsh Tit, Yellowhammer, 2 Common Buzzards and a Raven that flew over kronking.  Chiffchaffs, Willow Warblers and Blackcaps were all in good voice.

It was a good butterfly day with the following species recorded:  Brimstone, Holly Blue, Orange Tip, PeacockSmall Tortoiseshell, Small White and Speckled Wood.  A Hornet was seen along the disused Railway Line, as was a Common Lizard that run across the track in front of us.

All in all it was a very enjoyable day but its back to Shenstone in the morning!

Common Redstart - Wyre Forest, 19th April 2011:

I also managed to record the pictured individual singing.  Please turn up the volume on your speakers as this is a fairly quiet recording...I'm still getting used to using the Sound recorder and related editing software!

Redstart - Wyre Forest, 19th April 2011 by Shenstone Birder


  1. Definitely a good day, Jason. Liking the sound recording.

  2. Cheers Dean...It was a good day.

    I need a bit more practice with the sound recorder and its settings...but it does add another level to the whole wildlife thing