Tues 26th April 2011 - Shenstone

Not much of note around the patch today except an increase in the number of Swallows & House Martins that were present.  A Cuckoo is still present, singing from the trees behind the Islamics school.  I also recorded my 2nd Red Admiral of the year along Stanklyn Lane.

On the evening I returned to set up my moth trap at Captains Pool and then proceeded to head over to the lanes with the bat detector to see what I could pick up.  It was a cool evening and there was very little sign of bat activity until just before dusk along Heath Lane I had a large bat go past.  It was echo locating at just under 20khz leading me to conclude that it was a Noctule.  This is now the 3rd species of bat I have recorded on the patch and a new addition to the mammal list.

As for the mothing well all I got was one macro moth & a crane fly.  The moth that was trapped was a good looking ♂ Muslin Moth I think the cooler conditions probably had an impact.

Muslin Moth - Captains Pool,  27th April 2011:


  1. It's all gone a bit quiet on the birding front Jase, need some more migrant action :-)

  2. Nice Muslin Moth, Jason. I might get lucky and net one tonight.

  3. Warren - Your right about the migrants. But generally I usually get a week or so lull late april before the next wave of whetears, whinchats etal arrive.

    Dean - Cheers..I will be interested to see what moyths you pick up