Wed 27th April 2011 - Shenstone

Did a brief whistle stop of the patch this morning before heading off butterflying in the Wyre Forest (see next post).  No new migrants through to speak of but I did hear the Cuckoo calling at Heath Lane briefly. At Witch Lane one of the fields was being fine ploughed and around 20 large gulls were following the Tractor.  These were predominately Lesser Black-backed Gulls but there were 3 Herring Gulls.

Whilst there, the farmer and fellow wildlife enthusiast Mike Southall informed me that a ♀ Marsh Harrier had been quartering the field opposite between 8:10 to 8:20am before flying off NE towards Chaddesley Corbett.  This is a fantastic record and only the 2nd patch Marsh Harrier to date.  Nice one Mike - Great find.  I just need to connect with one myself now to add it to my patch life list...ah well...another day!


  1. Hope you get connected soon, Jason. I`ve only one patch record and that one was from the garden.

  2. Theres always a chance with fly over raaptors during the migration period...but then I'm a birding optimist.

    What a great garden record though Dean..I bet you were gobsmacked at the time!

  3. I often wonder what I miss whilst i'm not on my patch Jase, I'll nver know though, as no-one is there to tell me :-)